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Creating dropshipping videos is not difficult but creating engaging dropshipping videos does require skills. It is a combination of good strategy, creativity, understanding of your target audience, understanding where you are lagging behind, and numerous other factors. So here are some tips and tricks to boost sales conversion, increase customer attention rate and ways to do remarkable Shopify marketing. 

  1. Target the right audience: Research and understand who your target audience is and what their problems and needs are. Selling blouses to males is exactly like jumping into deep water without knowing how to swim. And we definitely don't want to do that. Different genders, different age groups, and different cultures have different tastes and preferences. Put yourself in their shoes and try to feel what they need and why they need it. Personalize your videos according to the audience.
  2. Highlight their void and your fillings: Identify your target audience's pain point. Solve their problem with a solution which is also going to be your unique selling point (USP). This is what is going to set you apart from your competitors. It can be anything like the unique design, style, quality of the product, or exoticness. Do not ever lose your USP unless you want to shut down your business. 
  3. Share benefits instead of features: We get so busy impressing our potential customers with features that we often forget a very basic fact. Customers do not hear about features, they care only about themselves. Take care about the benefits that they are going to get. Instead of saying that your shoes are lightweight, tell them how it won't make them feel heavy. Instead of telling them that your product is of a unique color, tell them how this unique color is going to set them apart from their peers. 
  4. Engage them with a story: Do not use old and weary hooks that are just clickbaits unless you want to annoy and lose your potential customers. Use authentic and genuine hooks. Keep everything concise and clear. People love simple video ads. Using heavy sentences and long words is going to make people lose interest and scroll. Instead of saying “use this product” tell them how you started your journey to help people around you.
  5. Make an impression: A good first impression makes all the difference. As we humans are quick to grasp visual cues, high-quality videos are significantly going to increase the engagement. Also keep the quality of audio and text overlays high. Further, as the attention span is decreasing day by day among the younger generation, try to keep your videos as crisp as possible. 
  6. Use social proofs: Adding a testimonial or a review might seem very boring at first, but it's not. Social proofs from other customers are a great source of building trust. There one review is word your 1000 videos. Not only does it do free marketing it also helps in customer retention. But make sure you are using genuine reviews. If someone has given a negative review try to be positive and your response. Take it as a constructive criticism instead of getting angry at them.
  7. Make interactive content: Ask questions; remind leads about their nostalgic experiences; add trending backgrounds, concepts, and music. These ideas keep them hooked. The best part is, even if they scroll, the ad is going to be retained in their minds. Furthermore, you can add demos to make them familiar with your product or service.
  8. Include CTAs: Do not keep your customers second guessing about the navigation part. Add call-to-action buttons or links so that it will become easy for them to operate. 
  9. Engage with the viewers: Uploading video is not the last part. You also have to engage with those people who are commenting on your videos or those who are asking questions. This type of engagement shows that you are a real business and also gives some personal touch.
  10. Monitor and analyze: Track various metrics like click through rates, views, engagement rates, sharing rates. If you are planning to make social media ads, then use that app's dashboard to track. For example, Instagram and Facebook have their own dashboards. 

Now that we have made engaging dropshipping videos, it's time to integrate it with Shopify. Let us learn how to do Shopify marketing.

  1. Optimize, optimize, optimize - All the above tips that you read was nothing but just optimisation only. Do not forget to make it mobile-friendly. Always are detailed descriptions and other important tags. Use Google adwords.
  2. Let's talk about marketing - Content marketing is something which will never go out of style. Create written content apart from video content. Write blogs, articles, how-to-guides, and tutorials. Put this on your Shopify store and other social media channels. Play with the words as much as you can. Social media marketing is another aspect that we need to touch. Use social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, TikTok, and less used apps like Tumblr to target the leads. Targeted ad campaigns are an ideal idea to grab the attention. Very few people know that you can integrate your dropshipping videos in email marketing. Research shows that email marketing is still the number one way to convert your leads into customers. 
  3. Our favorite word - Search Engine Optimization (SEO). It is just not possible that you are not saying SEO and online marketing in a single sentence. Use relevant keywords, tags, and descriptions. SEO is the best option if you want to drive organic traffic. Other side of the coin is PPC. You are completely allowed to do paid advertising.
  4. Make partnerships - Not only will it give your leads a fresh breeze of air and a different content, but will also convert your partner's leads into your own customers. Influencer marketing is a trending technique that small businesses and even the big businesses use. 
  5. Personalisation - Who doesn't want to feel special? Implant Shopify features like abandon car delivery tools or send automatic reminders to show your customers that you care. Give your customers offers, loyalty programs, and customize recommendations. Make the interface easy to use by showing them purchase history. Give them the best customer support. 

By using these strategies you are never going to fail in making your dropshipping videos engaging.

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