Creating Effective Dropshipping Video Ads for Shopify Stores

Creating effective dropshipping video ads is a bit difficult task. Yes, we know it. So here we are, making it easy for you.

Whatmore June 26, 2024

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If you want to create dropshipping video ads and have Shopify, then it is a deadly combination. Not only dropshipping videos are trending these days, it also increases audience reach. You must be knowing that dropshipping video ads are much more effective as compared to static ads. But before diving into this ocean of engagement let's understand what dropshipping video ads actually are. 

Let Us Start With Basics…

Dropshipping is nothing but just a way of selling products where the seller does not keep the stocks of the product but buys it from a third party and sells it directly to the customer. Like, a company ‘A’ is acquiring products from another company ‘B’ but selling to ‘C’. Company B does not contact customer C in such cases. It reduces the inventory and storage costs. Beneficial for all the parties. 

Dropshipping video ads are a type of video marketing where companies promote their products, services or related content usually in the form of a reel or a unique format of video. These video ads are usually found on sites like Shopify, YouTube or other social media. 

But, What Are The Benefits?

Now that we know the definition let's try to understand what are the advantages of dropshipping video ads. Here we go…

  1. It educates dropshippers as well as the customers. In the process of marketing we always forget that awareness is a thing. We have to take this thing into account that a customer might not be aware about these types of businesses. Moreover, even a dropshipper might not be having the full knowledge, because we always grow as we learn new things.
  2. It increases the reach and customer engagement, thus creating a huge pool of potential customers. It converts your potential customers or leads into actual customers. Video ads or products in motion catch the human eye. That's why it is very beneficial to make an ad which is in motion. 
  3. It helps in product promotion, and so helps building a customer base and customer loyalty, and most importantly, it sells your products.

So Let's Create Effective Dropshipping Videos For Your Shopify Stores 

  1. Research a lot and know about your target audience as much as you can: Researching about the demographics and your unique selling point is a very crucial point that we usually miss. Also research about what could possibly change in the near future, so that you can always stay a step ahead as compared to your competitors. 
  2. Do the proper planning: Use a strong line in order to hook the audience first then highlight a pain point and provide a solution that solves it. Learn how to create the right ad strategies. Always add a CTA button at the end so that your customer doesn't have to wander here and there. 
  3. Make the video: Hush! All the planning has been done now, it's time to implement it. Use high quality pictures, videos; hire professional voiceover artists; choose a nice music background; and yes add text overlays. 
  4. Make the use of editing tools: Use Whatmore studio or other editing tools to enhance your dropshipping video ads. Always test your videos at the end in order to find discrepancy and if it is there then correct it. 
  5. It is the time for Shopify integration: After logging into your Shopify admin dashboard, upload your dropshipping video ad on to Shopify. Customize it if you want to. 
  6. Do the testing and the improvement: Make the use of analytics to see how effective your ads are. You can also create different versions of your ads to see which ad is more effective. Improve and update with time.

But Wait, How To Make It Effective? Here Are The Tips…

  1. Always highlight your target audience's pain point or a major issue that is going on. This will trigger them to find a solution and thus, will create a trust factor between you and your leads.
  2. If you are showing the features then show benefits too. A customer usually doesn't care that much about your product's features but they do care about themselves and how they are going to be benefited. Put yourself in customers' shoes and ask “what's in it for me?”
  3. Include reviews or testimonials from real customers. A genuine proof is a game changer. A potential customer trusts other customers more than the business itself. 
  4. Show them small case studies or your business story so that your customers will feel you are one of them. It will create a sense of familiarity. But at the same time, always ensure you are not faking anything. People are often quick to notice non-verbal cues. 
  5. Keep it simple, short and crisp. Overloading your text overlays or your voice overs with complicated and unheard words is going to make a mess instead of helping. 
  6. Create a sense of urgency by inserting a last date or a timer. It will compel the leads to take action as soon as possible. You can also do this by telling your customers that you have limited stock or that sale is about to end soon.
  7. Convince them to take action using call-to-action words or links. A person is definitely not going to like it if he or she has been told to take an action but there is no button or link to do so. Always, always insert a CTA button. 
  8. To make it even more engaging, use emotional appeal. We humans like an emotional connection. Remind customers about their good childhood memories or insert cultural elements. 

Okay, enough tips now!

Are We Done?

Almost there! Creating dropshipping video ads is an interesting task, but requires skills too. Use the above given tips and your creativity to enhance the video ads. Grab the audience's attention and excel in giving your business offerings. You can always rely on Whatmore to create ads, and follow tips. It's time for us to end this informational blog and you, to start creating dropshipping video ads.

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