Creating Effective TikTok Video Ads for Shopify Stores

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Divya Divya Kandwal July 01, 2024

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If you’re an e-commerce brand owner who is wondering if TikTok ads would help you increase sales- the answer is- yes. TikTok ads makers are one of the most effective ways of boosting conversion for your e-commerce store. Think about it. TikTok has over 1 billion monthly active users. This means, that no matter what you’re selling, chances are your audience is present on TikTok. Shopping happens organically on TikTok. Unlike Amazon, you don’t open TikTok with the plan to buy something. You scroll, discover new products in UGC or review videos, and buy them from the platform. This behaviour is important because the chance of buying a product from TikTok is higher than buying it from Amazon or similar e-commerce marketplaces. The product seems more authentic since the videos are created by real users, not the brands themselves. Even if they’re ads, they still seem more credible than product images on an e-commerce website. 

Why you should be using TikTok ads for your e-commerce brand 

There are many reasons to use TikTok ads for your e-commerce brand. Just look at these statistics.

  1. TikTok was the highest-grossing app of 2023 with $2.7 billion in revenue
  2. 71.2% of TikTok shop users have bought something after seeing it in their feed
  3. 49% of Gen Z users make purchases on TikTok
  4. 61% of TikTokers to buy from brands they see advertised

Here are some of the benefits of using TikTok ads. 

  1. Access a Massive and Engaged Audience

With over a billion active users and an average daily usage of 52 minutes, TikTok can help you reach your target audience and increase brand visibility. 

2. Reach the target audience with the highest buying possibility

TikTok’s algorithm promotes content that the user is most likely to engage with. This means your ads will be shown to audiences that have the highest chance of buying your product.  TikTok’s advanced targeting options also let you select specific demographics based on age, gender, location, interests, and behaviours.

3. Run Cost-Effective Ads

TikTok ads are budget-friendly, with a minimum daily budget of $5. This makes them accessible for small to medium-sized businesses who can’t invest a bomb in ads. 

4.  Integrate your Shopify store with TikTok

TikTok integrates seamlessly with e-commerce platforms like Shopify. This allows you to create and manage ads directly from your store. It also helps you drive traffic to your Shopify store and ultimately improve conversion. 

5.  Great Analytics to improve ad performance

A TikTok business account provides detailed analytics to track ad performance. This helps you select the campaign with the highest ROAS and manage the ad budget.

Now that we’ve covered why you should use TikTok Ads, let’s talk about how you create them for your Shopify store. 

Creating Effective TikTok Video Ads for Shopify Stores in 8 Steps

If you’re a small business, creating multiple videos for TikTok ads might seem a bit overwhelming. Usually, when we think of video ads, we think of shooting with fancy equipment and needing an editing team. But with AI tools like Whatmore Studio, you can handle it all on your own without breaking the bank.

Here is a step-by-step breakdown of how you can easily create TikTok ads for your Shopify store. 

Step 1. Define Your Ad Campaign Objective

Before diving into video creation, establish a clear objective for your TikTok ad campaign. Do you want to drive traffic to your Shopify store or simply boost brand awareness? Do you want to generate leads and increase sales? Knowing the objective will help you decide the structure and content of your video ads.

Step 2. Onboard with Whatmore Studio for free

Create an account on Whatmore Studio and select a suitable plan for your needs. We also have a free plan if you want to try out us. Once you complete the onboarding process, you’re ready to start creating videos.

Step 3. Upload Your Clips

Once logged in, upload all your product images and videos to Whatmore Studio’s library. This could include product demos, customer testimonials, or any other relevant images or clips you want to use in your TikTok ad.

You can also copy-paste the link of your Shopify store on Whatmore, and it can automatically import all images and clips from there. 

Step 4. Generate Your AI Video

Enter a text prompt into Whatmore Studio describing what you want from the video. Select the desired vibe and click 'Generate'. Whatmore Studio will analyze your inputs and footage to assemble a video, complete with background music and engaging transitions. It will also automatically add text overlays and your brand elements to make sure that the video follows your brand guidelines. 

Step 5. Customize Your Video

Preview the video to make sure it meets your expectations. You can also make minor adjustments, if needed at this step. 

Step 6. Share and Download

Once you’re satisfied with the final video, download it to use as a TikTok ad. You can also share it directly on all your social media platforms. 

Step 7- Upload to TikTok with clear CTA

Upload the video on TikTok, set campaign parameters, and go live. Make sure that you include a clear call-to-action (CTA) based on your objective like “Shop Now,” “Learn More,” or “Visit Our Store”.

Step 8. Monitor and Optimize

After your ad is live, regularly check its performance using TikTok Ads Manager. Monitor key metrics like views, engagement, and conversions. Use Whatmore Studio to create multiple ad versions to generate maximum ROAS.

TikTok ads offer Shopify store owners a powerful channel to reach and engage with a vast audience. TikTok ads can be a great way to boost traffic and conversion for your Shopify store. With AI tools like Whatmore Studio, you can quickly create multiple videos without a huge investment. 

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