Future Trends In Dropshipping Video Advertising For E-Commerce

Have you ever wondered what are going to be the future trends when it comes to dropshipping videos? Let's dive into that...

Whatmore June 26, 2024

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We always talk about dropshipping video trends of the past and the present, but we never talk about future dropshipping video trends. What is the future going to be like? Will this trend of dropshipping video advertisements end? Or will it flourish even more? Or is it going to be completely neutral? By seeing current technology advancements and current consumer behavior we can at least predict the following:

  1. More customisation - We might change technology and other market demands, but we just cannot change the basic psychology of the consumers. Humans want to feel special and cared for. We need attention and special treatment. Highly personalized video ads are going to get enabled in the near future. Demand for personalized videos will increase and thus, supply will also take an upward road. AI will be able to gather more personal details like browsing history, demographics, to make personalized content.
  2. Increased number of interactive ads - Things become boring when we don't get any chance to participate. Have you ever attended a boring seminar where they are not asking you any questions, not involving you in anything? Yes, we know that feeling. AI advancements will take a higher lane and will make numerous interactive dropshipping video ads. Most probably, AI will become an expert in reading emotions and non-verbal cues of the targeted audience. 
  3. Increase in short-form video ads - As we can see that the attention span of the upcoming generation is decreasing day by day, thus, we can see more short form video ads coming our way. For example, we can see clearly that earlier people used to watch hours of live streams, that reduced to 10 minute video, that is now reduced to 1 minute or 15 seconds YouTube Shorts. This trend might continue further. 
  4. E-Commerce innovations - We are going to see a lot of e-commerce innovations like augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR). E-Commerce sites like Amazon have already started adopting it. Try-on glasses, clothes, and makeup are becoming the new normal. Concepts like virtual tours and virtual stores are coming into the play. Customers can now browse products in a 3D environment. We will soon see real-time interaction between customers and service teams. Live streaming has already become a trend, and will capture the market soon.
  5. Advanced solutions - Future stores are going to use blockchain technology with more security. It will result in less fraud and more transparency. Users will also be able to ensure whether a product or service is authentic or not. Few companies are already using drones and automatic vehicles to deliver products. This is going to increase in the future. It is safe to assume that advanced logistics and inventory management will come into play.
  6. New marketing strategies - Future marketing strategies are going to be a bit different. Influencer marketing might replace email marketing. Strategies like partnerships and collaborations are going to expand. Technology reach for integration of videos and photos will also expand. We will be able to target exactly the audience instead of wasting time on filtration. Raw story telling techniques and behind the scenes will multiply in coming years. 
  7. Expansion of eco-friendly products - As we are becoming more concerned about the environment and health, companies are going to use eco friendly products, and in turn, will advertise and emphasize on eco friendly products only. Packaging is going to be better. They will show their charitable contributions in order to attract a different base of customers. Companies will take more responsibility for their waste materials. And they're definitely going to highlight in their dropshipping video ads.
  8. Advanced analysis tools - As of now, we are using simple analytics tools like Google Analytics. We are doing A/B testing, taking surveys, and asking for reviews. This will change with time. AI will enable us to get deeper inside about the wants of the customer. Companies are going to predict it better as their forecasting power will extend. Performance tracking will become easy. And lastly the company will be able to get the maximum return on investment. 
  9. Multiple device optimization - Few websites are optimized for mobile users but not for desktop users. Whereas few websites are optimized for tablet users but not for mobile users. In order to grab a large pool of audience, companies will make the type of websites that can be optimized for almost every device. Sync features are going to get easier. We are hearing this term, “mobile commerce” a little too often. Do we have to tell you anything more about mobile commerce? 
  10. Image search - If you are a regular Pinterest or a Google user, then you must be aware of the fact that image search and recognition are the new keywords in the market. Has it ever happened to you that you want to search something but by using images, and not with words? Visual search technology will help you search by image. Companies will definitely try to keep this feature in the spotlight in their video ads. 
  11. Social media integration - Whenever you click on an ad on Facebook or Instagram it usually leads to their website. But software engineers are now saying that customers will now be able to shop via social media apps only. This will save customers time and companies' efforts. Soon live shopping will become a thing. 
  12. Premium services - You will soon become familiar with new premium services and perks. Advertisers will add new ways so that you can purchase premium services according to you. For example, canva has Now introduced a one day subscription plan. By doing this, companies will be able to retain customers and you will be able to save your pennies. 

Wow! So many new future aspects are about to arrive, whether in dropshippings video trends all the way a company delivers their products or service. We might see a revolution in the way how an E-Commerce platform does its marketing. We might get surprised by seeing how technology can go that far. But always keep in mind to keep your ethics intact. Always preach and practice ethical procedures. 

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