Future Trends In TikTok Video Advertising For E-Commerce And Shopify

Don't you get curious about how future trends would look like when it comes to TikTok video advertising? Us moment! C'mon, join the discussion.

Whatmore July 01, 2024

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We have talked a lot about the present and the past, but this time, let's focus on the future. As somebody has said that change is the only constant, which is true indeed, including future potential trends in our discussion might prove beneficial. As the technology and target audiences are changing, video ad makers are also changing. Instead of getting worried about what might happen, let's get excited about what might happen. So here are some video ad trends that we can take into account. 

  1. The trend of targeting younger audiences. Earlier, consumers were the children and customers were their parents. But this thing has changed with time. Nowadays, children and pre-teens are getting pocket money and they have become smart enough to buy things for themselves. Gone are the days where parents used to give mobile phones only to teenagers and young adults. Even kindergarten children are operating mobile phones in today's scenario. Everybody knows what TikTok and social media is. So brands nowadays are focusing more on Gen-Z and Gen-X generation rather than millennials and baby boomers. 
  2. Keeping videos short as possible. Younger generation no longer prefers 3 minute videos or 10 minute videos. They want everything in a single minute. This is the reason why this new trend has emerged of short length videos. For example, YouTube Shorts, Instagram Reels, Snapchat Streaks, Facebook and WhatsApp Story. All these are short span contents. Irrespective of the fact that the younger generation is becoming less patient day by day, it is still a trend that is going on. 
  3. Raw and real ad videos. There is no doubt that people do love glitters and golds. But the younger generation prefers raw and real content much more than shiny stuff. They want real testimonials, customer reviews that too with photos and videos, and direct approach of marketing. Yes it is true that high-quality videos attract customers, it is important for hooking the audience. But companies' mission & vision statements and case studies matter more to them. This approach might take your company to new heights in near future.
  4. Social media integration. The future of e-commerce marketing definitely lies in social media integration. Shopify innovations have proved to be very beneficial for social media users. Now you can integrate TikTok or Instagram reels on to Shopify. Also, instead of visiting the website again and again, you can directly shop via social media sites. Few sites have started this and later this is going to become a huge trend. We might see an increase in collaborations and partnerships.
  5. Artificial intelligence. How can we not talk about AI advancements when we talk about the future of Saas. You can automate, embed audio and video, use templates, change the effects and transition, reduce the labor and time and what not. Majority of the companies are using artificial intelligence to make their ad videos. But remember, always use AI ethically or you will be out of your business soon. 
  6. Personalisation. In order to make interactive ads, one needs to take personalized content seriously. This one-size-fit-all approach is no longer popular. Specifically speaking, the younger generation hates everything which is not customized. Tailored content gives a kind of familiarity and a personal touch, which is indeed alluring. Who doesn't like personal touch? Humans crave for it. And as AI is replacing manual machines, personalisation has become even more easy.
  7. New formats. You must be noticing that TikTok is now offering various ad formats, for example, Branded Effects, TopView Ads, Hashtag Challenges and many more. It helps in organic reach where customers participate. It is also a kind of marketing strategy that draws traffic and captures attention. This new generation doesn't like old stuff that much. We need change every now and then. So introduction of diverse formats is beneficial in the long run. 
  8. Immersive experiences. Amazon has already started including AR and VR. TikTok is going to do the same. Not only will you be able to shop directly via TikTok video ads, you will also be able to use virtual reality and augmented reality. If you have ever played virtual reality ever in your life, you must know how interesting and real it is. Integration of VR and AR is going to be the new normal for us. 
  9. More customer engagement. As we are moving ahead, we can see customer engagement is increasing day by day. It might be possible that the system is going to be more decentralized as compared to today's scenario. Customers will take much more interest in new products and how companies are producing these products. New generation is also becoming more aware so obviously they are moving towards sustainable ways of living. Companies need to target this one very carefully. We are becoming less tolerant towards harmful practices. 
  10. Growth oriented ads. TikTok video ads and ad makers are no longer only focusing on advertisement, but they are also focusing on customer retention. It is projected that its ad revenue will grow significantly in upcoming years. Desktop users are decreasing whereas mobile users are increasing. They might focus more on mobile content rather than desktop content. Third party concepts are coming into picture rather than acquisition and merging ideas. 

We would have loved to add more points but it's enough for the day. 

Is It Time To Go? 

It's quite interesting to see what the future will bring to us, especially when it comes to TikTok ad videos. Because the future is based on our present actions only, it becomes even more interesting to see how our actions are going to lead to future market trends. It is going to be a mixture of AI and some old proven ways. But one thing is for sure, if you will leverage these trends, E-Commerce and Shopify brands will be able to target a larger audience and enhance their marketing strategies. We would love to see you driving more sales. As Whatmore is itself an AI, we will be looking forward to you collaborating with us. 

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