Harnessing AI Video Ad Makers For Shopify Success

So you are baking a cake, but oops! You forgot to add vanilla essence. That's what making video ads feel like when you don't add drops of AI. So here we are reminding you to add it.

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If you won't change with time somebody else will. As we are moving towards, new technology like AI are coming into play. Artificial Intelligence is now being used almost everywhere. From researching to testing; from billing to accounting; from sales to marketing. AI technology is advancing day by day. E-Commerce automation is one of the primest examples of how companies are harnessing AI. And when we talk about e-commerce, how can we not talk about Shopify and video ad makers?

But before going ahead, let us understand why artificial intelligence is so important, especially when it comes to video marketing. 

Benefit 1: The process of targeting and research is going to become less tedious. We usually spend a lot of time and multiple hours in knowing our audience, demographics, and other factors. AI is going to aggregate the data and present it in front of you in one go. Not only will it save your time, it will save your efforts also. 

Benefit 2: Personalisation is going to be easy. You can increase the customer engagement by providing tailored video ads. As we all know, we all have this need to feel special, and personalized video ad makers do this job very well. 

Benefit 3: How one can forget automation. Utilize automated video editing tools to enhance your ad videos. It will also make this Shopify integration easy. Use AI as Shopify video ad maker. Automation reduces the labor cost and also gives you high-quality videos.

Benefit 4: Scalability is one of the major problems faced by any company who is trying to do video marketing. But you are not going to face this problem when it comes to artificial intelligence. Using AI, extend the reach of your video ads. You are going to be surprised by the numbers. 

Benefit 5: No matter how much of a creative director you hire, producing new and creative content everyday is quite difficult. But here is the solution: AI. It can suggest audio, video concepts, new ideas, pictures that can be added, and text overlays. 

Benefit 6: Getting real-time data, feedback, and analysis is not a thing that you often hear. But with AI, gather data and convert it into information simultaneously. To engage with the customer as soon as possible, a chat box is the best example. So many companies have already started using AI boxes. We don't want to get behind them, or do we? 

Benefit 7: Have you ever encountered such a situation where you need to make or test multiple video ads? The answer is yes. Using AI, you can run various tests or you can also make multiple video ads without losing much of your time. Then you can make necessary updates and changes accordingly. 

Benefit 8: What's the purpose of making video ads? Now you are going to say that the answer is very obvious, to increase customer engagement. And yes, boost sales too. So here we go again. AI video ad makers can boost engagement with potential customers. Do we have to say anything else on this? Nope.

Benefit 9: We all like multiple options. And an AI video ad maker gives you that. Some might suit your company, some won't, and some might be right for the future. Choose the best. There can be multiple content, style, design or concepts. 

Benefit 10: You can experiment, and results can fail or pass. Thankfully, AI video ad makers give you an opportunity to correct your mistakes. Experiment as much as you can and implement what is right for your company. Optimize for desktop and for mobile also. 

Looks like we are done with the benefits, let's move on to practical examples. 

Here Are Your AI Video Ad Makers

There are numerous video ad makers that have embedded AI in them, so here are few examples for your Shopify success. 

  1. InVideo: If you want a lot of examples or templates, then you are not going to get a better app than InVideo. You can get story videos, promotional videos, engagement videos. Not to mention how voice overs are a huge part of video ad making, you will get that also. A huge library of background music and images is there. Lastly, collaborative features are a must too add. 
  2. Lumen5: Now that you have got all the templates that you needed, how are you going to format it? The answer is Lumen5. It contains video builders and templates. Moreover, it is specifically designed for marketing. All your blogs and articles can be converted into video content.  Want recommendations? Yes, Lumen5 has got your back. 
  3. Animoto: If you want better images and have money to buy the licensed photographs, you can choose Animoto. Cropping, re-sizing, logo making, color changing, etc, it has all the features that you need. It is full of stock footage.
  4. Magisto: Storytelling is a very compelling way to convince the customers to buy something. No doubt that this marketing strategy is used by so many companies. Magisto can edit and produce your video ad using your provided templates. Further, it gives you a chance to track all your engagement on Shopify. 
  5. Promo.com: How can you not mention Promo.com while mentioning Shopify integration. It is famous for its editing tools and library of music and videos. You can say it is your second Pinterest. Customization is one of the best features of Promo.com. Access all your needs now. 

Wait, Wait, Wait, We Still Have Something To Say…

We are glad that you are doing well and want to take a step ahead in this busy world. We are perfectly aware how difficult it is to make a change while installing new technology like AI. But the best part is, you are soon going to get familiar with AI video ad makers. Learning new tech and implementing it will be not a very pleasing task, but benefits are here above for you. Make sure you utilize and optimize till its full extent. Grow your business. 

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