How To Create Budget-Friendly Dropshipping Videos For Your Shopify Store

Less budget and high-quality dropshipping videos? Yes, this combination exists. Just follow our lead.

Whatmore June 26, 2024

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It is true that dropshipping videos are expensive to make, but what if I told you, you can create a budget-friendly dropshipping video. It will require affordable video tools, small business strategies, and your creativity. Then why the wait, let's start.

  1. Plan your content - After researching and understanding your audience, create a clear and concise script for your dropshipping video. If you want to get guidance on how to plan your content then you can check out our other blog on Creating ​Effective Dropshipping Video Ads. It will help you in ​cost-effective marketing. Keep the focus on your product or your service. 
  2. It's time for DIY video production.

Following are the hardwares that you can use:

  1. Smartphones: Do not underestimate your smartphone’s camera. Every big business that you see once used a simple mobile camera only to begin with. You can use different effects or change the focus of the lens in order to increase the quality of the video or the photo. If you are able to afford a less expensive camera then buy it.
  2. Lightings: You can either shoot your video in natural sunlight or by artificial lighting. There are LED lightings that are less expensive and effective also. 
  3. Microphone: Either buy a small microphone or use your mobile's microphone only. You can attach external microphones that increase the audio quality. 
  4. Background: Use simple white curtains of green curtains that are easily available in the market as backgrounds. Even a simple white wall will do the work. Ensure that you use a plain background so that you can edit it later.
  5. Tripods and other equipment: We often neglect small equipment while focusing on bigger gadgets. A tripod can stabilize your videos. Do not forget to buy other handy equipment to enhance up production. 

Following are the software that you can use for editing and enhancing purposes:

  1. Free software: If you don't have much money to buy previous subscriptions, you can use open-source software or free software. For example, iMovie, KineMaster, DaVinci Resolve, etc. If you want more information about drop shipping videos software then see out blog: Top Tools For Making Dropshipping Videos.
  2. Paid software: Though it might be paid but it is affordable. Here are a few examples: Filmora, Camtasia, Adobe, etc. If you are unable to buy an annual subscription, then buy a one week or 1 month subscription, it will cost you less.

3. Promotion: Post your video on social media sites and integrate it in your Shopify. Use links, meta tags, SEO strategies, various marketing techniques like content marketing, email marketing, social media marketing, and many more. Add CTA buttons for easy navigation. Cost-effective marketing is not that difficult. Remember if there is a will you will find away!

4. Updation and modification: After integration and promotion of your drop shipping videos, keep modifying it from time to time. Take feedback and engage with customers. Keep your customer service up to the mark. 

Ideas And Concepts For DIY Video Production 

Idea 1: Always shoot multiple videos. Choose whichever suits you the most. Take videos from different angles and experiment with different colors. Never settle with a single idea or a concept. 

Idea 2: Implant your logo and your website's signature color. Use software for transition, adding audio, or to enhance the look. You can also take more ideas from sites like Pinterest and use the trending transition that is going on. 

Idea 3: You can add behind the scenes between two clips to give a personal touch. Make tutorials and demonstration videos in order to make your lead familiar with your business or product. Unboxing videos are yet another example. Or you can simply make a video that highlights a particular product.

Idea 4: Make a script that is asking questions, that is engaging. Add at least one emotional shot. Make sure it's genuine and not fake. People are quick to catch non verbal cues. 

Idea 5: Include your drop shipping videos link in email marketing, embed on to your website. It might feel like a small task, but converts a lot of your leads into your actual customers. 

Avoid too much experiment or too less experiment. Both the extremes are equally problematic.

Shopify Plugins

Shopify plugins are basically third party applications. You can embed it into your Shopify store to enhance the functionality. These plugins are very useful when it comes to inventory management, payments and transactions, marketing, sales, accounting and finance management. You can increase your sales, automate a few tasks, reduce manual labor, and give tailored experience to customers. Moreover, you can recover abandoned carts, making shipping experience faster. The best part is, you won't be needing heavy coders. 

Here are a few examples of Shopify plugins: 

  1. Apps like Fomo, Plug In SEO, Klaviyo can be utilized for marketing, sales, and conversion. You can make ad campaigns and enhance your SEO practices. Send notifications and create pop-ups using these apps. 
  2. TradeGecko and Stock Sync are one of the best choices for inventory management. You can track your stock status and reduce manual labor by automating your inventory updates.
  3. Oberlo not only keeps your inventory on track, it also helps you in searching the products. It is best for dropshipping.
  4. For customer service, use apps like Tideo. There's to harm in keeping your customer service team up front, but an automated chat box fills the void if in case your customer service team is not available. Furthermore, it gives customers an instant solution.
  5. As reviews and testimonials significantly increase the trust, Loox or Yotpo will play a crucial role here. Not only customers can write their reviews, they can also upload photos. 
  6. AfterShip is no doubt an amazing fulfillment and delivery app. Keep the track of the carrier and keep sending notifications to customers. For your ecommerce store's design, use Shogun.
  7. For analytics, Google Analytics will always be there for you.

As every big business was a small business once, you never know what your business might become in the future. Always keep up with the future trends for your future endeavors. We would love to see your business take an upward steep slope. 

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