How to Create Budget-Friendly TikTok Video Ads For Your Shopify Store

Want do create a TikTok Video ad but doesn't have that budget? Relax, we can teach you how to do that with less expenses.

Whatmore July 01, 2024

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Creating TikTok ad videos is all fun and games until the hefty bill comes along! Haha! Relax, we were just scaring you. You can definitely make a budget-friendly TikTok video ad. There are several Shopify ad creation tools and video ad makers to promote your reels. Not only are they less costly, they give high-quality results. Few features might be less but it won't create a huge difference. Another option is that you can spend a little bit of money instead of spending a lot of money. If you want affordable solutions and want cost-effective marketing then just follow our lead. You may want to explore from Whatmore TikTok Video Ads Maker as well...

Let Us Start With DIY Video Production

  1. Do the necessary planning. We often want to jump to conclusions or directly to content creation. But that's not how it should be. Always research a lot before starting and decide which product you want to sell. Also decide what message you want to convey and most importantly, the pain point that you want to highlight. 
  2. Utilize necessary hardware. You need not buy a Nikon D750. You can use your mobile phone to shoot your videos also. Remember, every big business was a small business once. Do not underestimate your skills nor what's coming in the future. Even if you have less money you can still buy a small tripod, background lighting, and other small equipment. Or else borrow for a while.
  3. Use ad creation tools. There are several external ad creation tools and built-in TikTok tools as well. It provides your numerous templates, transition effects, overlays, audio and music. Make professional ads using these video ad tools. Either higher a professional editor or use easy editing features. For more information you can also see our other blog: Harnessing AI Video Ad Makers for Shopify Success. Resource optimization must be 100%.
  4. Spell after us, optimization. If you are into TikTok ad creation, you will never get tired of listening to this one word, optimization. Cost-effective marketing and optimisation go hand and hand. They are basically complimentary, just like you and us. Include strong call-to-action words or links. You might not be realizing that CTAs are one of the major strategies that convert leads into customers. Get ready for mobile/tablet optimisation also. Younger generation do not have time to open the desktop and then do the shopping. They prefer mobile shopping only. Make sure that you optimize your ad or a website for Android as well. 
  5. Track everything down. Tracking will give you an idea about how you are going. You can upgrade and improve everything before it's too late. If you do not want your competitors to overtake you then keep your speed at maximum. Just don't crash your car! Aggregate all the testimonials and customer reviews so that you can show them later. Keep your customer service up to the mark. 

Now that we are done with DIY video production, let's move on to Shopify ad creation tools. 

  1. Ads Manager. Shopify provides you with Facebook Ads Manager and Google Ads Integration features. Apart from TikTok, Facebook and Instagram can also be utilized for cost effective marketing. Ads Manager will target your audience, track your performance, and will give you analyzed information. Google Ads used to be looked down upon at once, but it is not the case anymore. Enhance it using site links, structure snippets, data callouts, and other types of ads. Furthermore, make the use of Google Search, Gmail for professionals, YouTube, etc.
  2. Email marketing tools. How one cannot include email marketing when we say marketing. As it still remains the number one way to convert leads, Shopify gives you the chance to run email campaigns. Send monthly or weekly newsletters, and increase your subscribers list. 
  3. Library of Shopify apps. Here we go again! Shopify plugins. Download these apps to enhance editing, ad creation, marketing, sales, and customer support. 
  4. Shopify Ping. Even if you are getting less traffic on Facebook, do not undermine its power. Shopify Ping can integrate with Facebook Messenger. You can talk with your customers in real-time. Not only will it increase the traffic on Facebook, it will also increase customer interaction, thus, engagement. 
  5. Point of Sale. You're lucky if you have a physical store. If you want to integrate your online store with your offline store, use Shopify POS. You can give gift cards to your customers, conduct loyalty programs, and can make the use of many more benefits.
  6. Analytics. You just cannot get rid of this term, analytics. Shopify provides you analytics tools so that you can track your how-abouts. Pick your battles before your battles pick you up. Improve with the time. Do not become stagnant, you are not any sort of green algae in water. 

Few Examples Of Shopify Plugins 

  1. For inventory management, apps like Stocky and TradeGecko are perfect. You can track your inventory, and manage your quantity of stocks. Further, it can help you with order full filling. ShipStation and Shippo cannot be neglected. You can manage your logistics with them. 
  2. We are talking so much about marketing, so let's talk about the apps that can be used. Privy, OmniSend and Plugin SEO are the most used examples. As the name suggests itself, you can do Search Engine Optimization, run related campaigns and utilize features abandoned card delivery.
  3. We are blabbering so much about analytics, here are the practical apps: Lucky Orange and Google Analytics. Add more if you want to.
  4. Shoelace, Kit and Facebook Channels can be used for social media related tasks. Be it advertising or product synchronization. 
  5. If you don't want to make your customers angry, then please go ahead with Gorgias and Reamaze. 
  6. What is the value of a business without numbers? Let's talk in the language of finance and accounts now with Xero, FreshBooks and QuickBooks. Manage all your account related stuff using these three apps. 
  7. And lastly, for miscellaneous activities, plugins like PageFly and Tidio Live Chat are going to be an amazing choice. 

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