Leveraging Whatmore Studio For Narrative Reels

Narrative reels for marketing is a pretty good idea. But how to start? The answer is Whatmore Studio.

Whatmore June 19, 2024

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Using social media to increase your business sales and engagement is an excellent idea without a doubt. But do you know how effective a narrating reel or a storytelling reel is? A narrative reel is shared 2-3 times more than how much a normal marketing reel is shared.

But then a question comes, how are you going to make such a reel using your products? Or how are you going to embed it onto your website? The answer to your question is Whatmore Studio. Let's start from here...

But What Is Narrative Reel, First Of All?

A narrative reel is a compilation of short videos or photographs that show a business‘s or an individual’s work. It contains snapshots and snippets of working teams, services or products that they provide, how the company started, their unique style, branding style and so much more. 

Why Narrative Content Creation Is So Important?

Now that we know what a narrative reel is, we need to understand why Narrative Content Creation is a crucial aspect of marketing. Here is the guide for you to begin this tempting journey.

  1. As we all know this famous quotation that the first impression is the last, so when a potential customer sees your reel, they get compelled to click on it and thus, get compelled to buy it.
  2. Reel storytelling can be used as a marketing technique to make leads see your foundational story. It helps in creating a trust factor between you and the lead. Good storytelling techniques can be very useful to convey the vision and mission of your business.
  3. Leveraging the power of storytelling also shows that your business is having a good experience and again creates trust that your business is reliable.
  4. It increases the views quickly and engages the customer. As reels are trending these days, narrative reels create an emotional bond and hence, brand loyalty.

Hush! Too many benefits. Now let's come to how you're practically going to do it.

Let's Talk About Solution: ​ Whatmore Studio

Whatmore Studio provides you with a platform where you can create video ads and reels from the images and videos of your business offerings and embed them onto your website. All you have to do is follow these quick steps and you are done.

  1. Make an account: We often miss the basics, don't we? Click on https://www.dashboard.whatmore.live/ Make an account either with your name and better with your business name. Sign up if you already have an account.
  2. Take a look at it: Make yourself familiar with the website, WhatMore Studio is luckily, self-explanatory. You're going to find so many tools and resources over there. 
  3. Create, create, create: Click on “make a new project/reel” to start your actual work. It's going to get interesting from here, be ready for the ride! Decide what you are going to call your project. Extract the videos, clips, and photos from Shopify or any website that you find suitable. Import audio files and trendy songs which are there for your suggestions. You just have to choose and input all your choices and WhatMore Studio will do the rest of the work. 

Tip: Use studio storytelling tools to enhance your voiceover. The more you keep it raw, the more the audience will be attracted. 

  1. Add texts: Do not forget to add text overlays and trendy dialogues that are helpful. There are going to be numerous templates for you to choose from. In bold, italics, underlined, etc with different colours, sizes, and fonts.
  2. Choose transition effects and style: Here we go again. Pick your style and what you feel your reel should look like. Be it a wavy effect, a wobbly effect or just a simple rollover, we have everything for you.
  3. Finalize it: Now that your main part is done, save it and click on the next step “Create in 60 seconds”. Let WhatMore Studio make your reel. The best part is, that you will get the reel soon.
  4. We are almost there: You're going to get multiple options to choose, pick your reel and if you are not satisfied (which is not going to be the case, we promise), try again with alternative options.
  5. Share and embed your reel: It's time to give your potential customers a good taste of your product and a glimpse of your business. Share the reel and embed it onto your website. 
  6. Bring together all the feedback: See in WhatMore analytics how your reel is influencing leads. Do the corrections if needed. Wash, rinse, repeat!
  7. Have your coffee: Take a seat back and relax. We will handle it all from here.


How To Make Your Reel Narrative?

Now that we are almost there, let's learn some quick tips on how to make it more narrative and captivating.

Tip 1: Choose your target audience and define what is trending among them. Do they like exceptional stories? Or emotional ones? Or the classical? Knowing the demographics will help in tailoring the content and making it much more personalized.

Tip 2: Pick a central idea or a theme where you want the reel to revolve around. Do you want to focus on something different? Or what inspired you to start the business? Or what do you do differently to be in the picture? Introduce the theme, hit an emotional point/problem, reach to the climax and then resolve it calmly.

Tip 3: Keep it clear and do not drag or brag too much, or else, it will spoil everything. People do like straightforwardness when it comes to marketing. The more superficial you're going to sound, the more they'll withdraw. Remember, building trust is the foremost action before anything else.

Everything's Done?

Seems like everything is done…So that's Whatmore Studio for you and your Narrative Reels. Enhance your business offerings as much as you can. Keep exploring our other features for your business’s benefits.

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  • Yes, definitely. Video shopping helps in increasing the user engagement and retention. We recommend you to start integrating shoppable videos as early as possible.

  • We have few inbuilt color schemes to match your shopify theme. However, if needed we also provide customizations. Please send us a mail at contact@whatmore.club and we will reach out to you.

  • Shoppable videos have conversion rate upto 10-15%.

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