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Dropshipping video ads are no doubt beneficial for your business's growth and marketing. But here's the question that arises: how are you practically going to do it? What tools are you going to use? Here are some dropshipping video tools that can help you significantly increase your engagement and sales. 

Video Creation Software

For ad creation you will need skills and amazing software. Creation is the first and foremost step before anything else. So let us start with that. Here are a few examples of Shopify apps and non-Shopify apps.

  1. Vimeo Create: Using Vimeo Create, you can make high-quality videos and professional videos quickly. It will save time and effort. You can seamlessly integrate it with Shopify.
  2. Promo Video Maker: As the name suggests, you can create promotional videos. You are going to get tailored templates and audio. The feature of direct integration is the best part about this software. 
  3. Adobe Premiere Pro: Everybody knows how good Adobe is, and even if you don't know, we are making you aware now! One of the best software to create and edit videos. 
  4. Powr Video Gallery: They allow you to create multiple videos and give a lot of customisation options. So you can definitely choose one of them which is best for you and your business needs. 
  5. Final Cut Pro: How one can forget Final Cut Pro when it comes to creation and editing. Mac users are going to love it. It is specifically made for Apple devices. 
  6. iMovie: You must have guessed by the name itself. People who use Mac can use iMovie for basic editing. An expert might not get enough features but a beginner is going to like it.
  7. DaVinci Resolve: If you want to play with Colors then use DaVinci Resolve. You can add color effects, change the gradation, correct the colors, make the use of splash features, replace the colors and so many other things.
  8. KineMaster: If you don't have time or you want to make it short then use KineMaster. It is specifically made for mobile users and Android system software. It is quick, easy, and less expensive to use. Everyone's an expert on KineMaster. 
  9. InShot: In short, InShot is again a mobile app for video editing and creation. And if you are specifically targeting social media for your video ads, then you can completely rely on InShot.
  10. Videofy: Artificial intelligence comes into play with Videofy by Magisto. You can use AI to generate your videos. And yes, Whatmore does the same for you.

Now that we know about video creation and video editing software, let's shift our focus on how you can get templates, ideas, and access to libraries. 

  1. Pinterest - Aesthetic ideas and Pinterest have become synonyms now. Pinterest is a hub for decorative themes, beauty concepts, and visual inspirations. How one cannot say Pinterest when they say design ideas. Get numerous styles and themes here. 
  2. Canva - We all are familiar with Canva. If you need ideas, small video templates then no app can be better than this. You are going to get the thumbnails and an infinite amount of overlays.
  3. Epidemic Sound - Enhance your dropshipping shipping video ads using royalty free audio. Get countless genres of music here. They regularly update their libraries with new music tracks and types everyday. You are never going to get bored with epidemic sounds.
  4. Artlist - Guess what, you are not going to be in the trend if you are not using trendy music. Artlist is perfect for embedding the music that is popular. The licensing feature is very simple. And you're going to get access to both sound effects and instrumental. 
  5. Storyblocks - Download unlimited music and videos by using Storyblocks. The good part is that subscription plans are affordable. It further provides video and image stocks. 

Relax, the majority of the part is done. Let's talk about some additional dropshipping video tools. 

  1. Animoto: It is perfect for making quick videos. It basically uses the feature of drag-and-drop functionality. 
  2. Adobe After Effects: It is perfect for adding motion in graphics and other types of visual effects. Animation users often use this. 
  3. Powtoon: If you want to add explainers in your animated videos then choose Powtoon.
  4. OBS Studio: It is completely free to use and is an open source software. It is best for tutorials and demonstration videos. 
  5. Camtasia: If you need to show something which is on your screen, basically a screen recorder, opt for Camtasia.

Halt! Analytics are still left. Chill, just two minutes!

  1. Easy Video - No need to say that Easy Video is the best choice when it comes to Shopify integration apps. Completely exploit the customisation option also. 
  2. Google Analytics - Use Google Analytics to track and analyze all performances. Track traffic sources, demographics, and make reports on the basis of that. Improve with time. 

Time to learn product video tips…

Tip 1: Using high-quality visuals and music will make you better than other businesses. Audiences like clear and concise videos.

Tip 2: Focusing more on benefits rather than features is going to attract a lot of crowd. Humans always look at what is best for them, not what is best for business.

Tip 3: Add how to videos and demonstrations so that customers will become familiar with your product.

Tip 4: Narrate your journey or tell them a story. Talking about yourself is indeed a very attractive appeal. An emotionally engaged potential customer is much more likely to buy than a normal lead.

Tip 5: Last but not the least, add testimonials and reviews. We humans love social proof of other humans. It creates a kind of trust, so yes add testimonials.

Before Saying Bye To Us…

We are assuming you must have become an expert by now (as we are the teachers!). Take help of all the above tools and tips and begin your journey. We are waiting for you to reach your destination. Ready, ​Get ​Set and Go…

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