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Why shoppable videos?

Leverage existing videos content to increase conversion and engagement on your E-commerce website

Enhance User experience

Greet your customers with AI-powered widgets and captivating product videos. Recommended by top UX experts these Shoppable Videos make your website love at first sight, boosting engagement and time-on-site.

Easy navigation and Checkout flow

Enable customers to scroll through reel-style videos and purchase instantly. Recommended by top Conversion Rate Optimization experts, this setup enhances your site’s usability and boosts sales efficiency.

Leverage Influencer and UGC content with Omnichannel marketing

Expand your reach beyond your website by embedding these videos for email, SMS, and WhatsApp marketing. Maximize exposure and engagement across all touchpoints.

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How Whatmore will make YOUR life easy.

Easy integration

Shopify or not, Whatmore brings convenience straight to your doorstep. Install our Shopify app or schedule a demo for personalised Onboarding.

Bulk-Video Import

Seamlessly import your reels from Instagram or TikTok, tag products, and voilà - your store's website is now an interactive shopping experience.


Tailored for You! Whatmore customizes to match your brand's unique style, ensuring your colors and aesthetic shine through.

Detailed Analytics

Easily overview your brand's performance or delve into detailed engagement and conversion metrics, offering daily updates and product-specific analysis.

Smart Inventory Sync

Automatically disable out-of-stock products with Whatmore's seamless inventory integration.

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What our customers say

Anurag Singh

Co-Founder, Aachho

With all the video content we create every day, it is essential to find a solution which would enable their usage without affecting page speed. Whatmore does it all! It provides a seamless interface to engage and convert customers by offering a great shopping experience with shoppable videos.

Aanchal Bhatia

COO, Meera's Plus Size Store

We've been using Whatmore for 3 months to enhance our online store's user experience through engaging video content, driving conversions, and increasing sales. The supportive team consistently integrates feedback and new features, making it a successful and effective product. Kudos to the Whatmore team!

Jayant Sethi

Founder, Alamode By Akanksha

This app is a game-changer for shoppable videos. It's simple to set up, keeps your site fast, and comes with amazing support. It really helped us draw more visitors in and turn those views into sales.

Shashank Patodia


Since integrating the app, we've seen a 25% increase in conversions, thanks to its seamless video import, quality preservation, and comprehensive analytics. Your team's exceptional support is greatly appreciated. Thank you for this invaluable tool!

Rahul Agrawal

Managing Director, Sacred Weaves

Excellent app, we just increased our conversion rate due to shoppable videos provided by this user-friendly app. The team is so helpful all the time. Highly recommended.

Rated 5.0
on Shopify


  • Shoppable videos in Whatmore AI work by utilizing Whatmore Studio's AI content creation tools. These tools allow you to add clickable links to products within videos, turning reels into interactive shopping experiences. Features like customizable watermarks, text overlays, and synchronized music enhance the video creation process, making it engaging and immersive.

  • Yes, you can create shoppable videos using Whatmore Studio. This AI-powered tool leverages Whatmore AI for efficient video creation, adding features like customizable watermarks, text overlays, and synced music to produce engaging reels and interactive shoppable videos, enhancing your marketing efforts and boosting customer engagement.

  • Whatmore AI enhances the interactivity of shoppable videos through Whatmore Studio by leveraging AI content creation tools to add customizable features such as watermarks, text overlays, and synchronized music. This enables the creation of immersive, personalized reels that engage viewers and encourage direct product interaction within the video.

  • Using Whatmore Studio for marketing campaigns offers numerous benefits. It leverages Whatmore AI to create engaging shoppable videos and reels with automated features like drop-beat transitions and trending songs. This AI content creation tool enhances video creation efficiency, personalizes branding, and boosts engagement and conversion rates with its innovative features.

Over 400+ brands use Whatmore to increase their conversion rate by 10X.

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Rated 5.0 on Shopify

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