How Beauty Bouqe  boosted engagement by creating AI videos with Whatmore Studio

Read our case study to discover how Beauty Bouqe used Whatmore Studio to hit record-breaking engagement rates for their Instagram profile.

Divya Divya Kandwal July 03, 2024

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  • 50+ videos created using Whatmore
  • Achieved the highest engagement on reel ever
  • 1 min average video creation time

The Company

Beauty Bouqe is a DTC Beauty, Fashion & Activewear brand based in the UK. They offer a range of high-quality clothing items for women. Their goal is to empower women with products that will make them feel great about themselves. They believe that beauty comes in all shapes, sizes, and colours. This belief is echoed in their products which are colour and size inclusive. The brand uses social media like Instagram and Facebook to market their products. They sell internationally via their Shopify website.

The Challenge

​​As a new e-commerce brand, Beauty Bouqe did not have an extensive editing team, making it challenging to create high-quality videos for their social media platforms.


  • They wanted to increase brand visibility and engagement with compelling videos
  • They were looking to reduce the time and resources required to create these videos
  • Their goal was to create and post good-quality videos consistently to reach their target audience

However, creating high-quality videos manually is time-consuming and resource-intensive. This limited their ability to produce a steady stream of engaging content which impacted their social media performance. 

Teaming Up with Whatmore Studio

Beauty Bouqe wanted an affordable but efficient solution to streamline its video creation process. Whatmore Studio with its AI-powered video editing capabilities was the perfect solution. After a quick onboarding process, Beauty Bouqe was able to start creating videos almost immediately with Whatmore Studio.

The Whatmore Solution

Using Whatmore Studio provided several benefits for Beauty Bouqe. It helped them create various kinds of videos for their social media platforms. 

  1. Product videos with one-click

The brand was able to create an engaging video by simply copy-pasting the URL of their Shopify store to Whatmore Studio. The AI-driven tool automatically created a video with product clips. It also added captions using existing product information like descriptions, titles, pricing, and discounts.

  1. Trending reels with transitions in less than a minute

With Whatmore Studio, Beauty Bouqe was able to create trending reels in under a minute. All they did was upload existing product images and clips to the Studio Library. Then by entering a text prompt describing the desired video and selecting the ‘Vibe’, they were able to generate trending reels for their Instagram. Whatmore Studio automatically created a video with engaging transitions and trending background music from Instagram. 

  1. Engaging stories to boost conversion

Beauty Bouqe used Whatmore Studio to high-quality Instagram stories that boosted engagement and drove traffic to their Shopify store. 

4. Scaled video production quickly and cost-effectively

By automating the video creation process with Whatmore Studio, Beauty Bouqe was able to produce many videos without hiring an editing team in a fraction of the usual time.


By using Whatmore Studio, Beauty Bouqe

  1. Increased video production 

The brand created over 50 videos, posting more than 10 reels and 5 stories in the first month. This helped them kickstart a dynamic and engaging social media presence.

  1. Improved Engagement

The reel with the highest engagement on their Instagram right now is made using Whatmore Studio. 

  1. Saved time and resources

On average, each video took just one minute to create. This helped Beauty Bouqe produce more content in less time without hiring an editing team. 

Here's what Beauty Bouqe thinks of Whatmore Studio-

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  • Adding the Whatmore component doesn't have any impact on the loading time of the website. As the videos are loaded on demand when the user clicks on the video. The videos are served the CDNs (Content Delivery Networks) which doesn't impact the website loading time.

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