How Interior Delights generated an extra $ 20K in sales with shoppable videos

Learn how our client, Interior Delights used Whatmore to generate an extra $20K in sales.

Divya Divya Kandwal June 14, 2024

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In only 90 days, 

  • 100% increase in ‘Add to Cart’/ ‘Buy Now’
  • An extra $19,697 from video sales
  • 3.25% conversion rate

About Interior Delights

Located in Colorado, USA, Interior Delights is a premier shop for home decor and furnishings. With the mission statement "The joy of your home is our delight," they are dedicated to helping create both beautiful and functional spaces in their homes. They cater to local clientele through their physical store. They also have an e-commerce store to extend their reach nationwide so that everyone can access their curated selections.

Their strength lies in 

  • the quality and design of their products, and
  • the online community of 350,000 home decor enthusiasts they’ve created 

The Challenge

  1. Disconnect Between Website and Social Media Platforms
  2. Social media engagement didn’t translate into revenue 
  3. Finding a way to leverage user-generated content (UGC) for conversion

Interior Delights has 237,000 followers on Facebook (now Meta) and 118,00 followers on Instagram. For them, social media wasn’t just a platform for product promotion. They used their social media as a way to build a community of people who love home decor. 

Interior Delights excelled at user-generated content. Their customers would frequently share how they used Interior Delights products to design their spaces on social media. This created an authentic online display of the brand’s product. 


  1. There was a disconnect between their social media and their website

Their social media was full of engaging brand and user-generated content but their website looked like a standard Shopify website. A cohesive experience for customer transitioning from their social media to the website was lacking.

  1. Social media engagement didn’t translate into revenue

Since their website was disconnected from their social media, they weren’t able to optimally transform clicks into conversions

  1. Their user-generated content (UGC) was under-utilized

They were using UGC reels to only promote their brand on social media. This generated top-of-the-funnel awareness but didn’t drive 

The Whatmore Solution

The solution was simple- embed their UGC social media reels on their website for a seamless shopping experience. Interior Delights teamed up with Whatmore to do this. After a successful demo, we quickly integrated Whatmore with their Shopify website. This helped Interior Delights show their UGC reels on the homepage of their website. 

Here’s how they appeared on their homepage. 

Interior Delights used Whatmore to show different kinds of videos like, 

  • User-generated content
  • New products, and
  • Best-sellers

All of these videos were embedded with an ‘add to cart’ or ‘buy now’ button which helped the customers add the featured product to their cart directly.

This approach provided many advantages for Interior Delights.

  1. Connected shopping experience from social media to website

This helped their audience transition from social media followers to paying customers

  1. Transformed UGC engagement into revenue

By using the UGC videos on their website, the brand turned social media clicks into website conversions.

  1. Shorter buying process

The ‘Add to Cart’ video feature shortened the buying process and increased the chances of purchase. 

  1. More authentic brand experience

These UGC shoppable videos gave prospective customers a more authentic and immersive preview of how the product would look in their own homes. 

The Result

By using Whatmore on their Shopify website, Interior Delights was able to achieve these results in only 90 days. 

  • Extra $19,697 from only video sales
  • 838 ‘Add to Cart’ and ‘Buy Now’ clicks
  • 3.25% website conversion rate 
  • 68,268 video views
  • 2,340 clicks on their products
  • $90 AOV from shoppable videos

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  • Adding the Whatmore component doesn't have any impact on the loading time of the website. As the videos are loaded on demand when the user clicks on the video. The videos are served the CDNs (Content Delivery Networks) which doesn't impact the website loading time.

  • Yes, definitely. Video shopping helps in increasing the user engagement and retention. We recommend you to start integrating shoppable videos as early as possible.

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  • Shoppable videos have conversion rate upto 10-15%.

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