How Philips India increased the average order value by 20% with shoppable videos

Read our case study on how Philips India made their website more immersive and boosted conversion with Whatmore's shoppable videos.

Divya Divya Kandwal July 05, 2024

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  • 3X increase in conversion rate with shoppable videos
  • 20% increase in Average Order Value (AOV) from Shoppable Video 

The Premise

Philips is a leading global brand known for its innovative products. In India, it has a strong online presence across marketplaces like Myntra, Flipkart, and Amazon. These platforms offer a highly personalized and engaging shopping experience with product and review videos. Philips wanted to replicate this immersive experience on their website to increase engagement at various touchpoints throughout the customer journey. They also wanted to improve website sales. To achieve this, ANS Commerce, with Philips as a client, teamed up with Whatmore.

Teaming up with Whatmore

Philips India wanted to make their website more engaging with videos that provided a 360-degree view of their products. They also wanted a solution that would be easy to integrate on their website, personalized to their needs, and had advanced analytics. They partnered with Whatmore because it fit all their requirements. 

After the demo, we quickly onboarded Philips India to make Whatmore live on their website. 

The Challenge

The brand wanted to-

  • Boost customer engagement at every touchpoint of the customer journey
  • Improve website revenue by increasing the conversion rate 
  • Create a more immersive and interactive shopping experience that is on par with marketplaces like Amazon

 The Whatmore Solution

Philips used Whatmore to display shoppable videos throughout their website, from the homepage to category pages to individual product pages.

This is how they appeared on the homepage.

Here's how the videos appeared on the product pages. The videos included product ads, user-generated content, tutorials, or reviews, giving customers a comprehensive insight into the products.

All these videos had an ‘Add to Cart’ to ‘Buy Now’ button embedded in them. This allowed customers to directly buy or add the products featured in the video to their cart.

This provided many advantages for Philips India. Some of which were-

  1. An immersive shopping experience 

With shoppable videos, visitors can view products from different angles, just as they would in a store. They can also see how other people are using the product, its pros and cons, tutorials, and more.

  1. A great first impression 

Philips used video carousels on their homepage to highlight featured products and promotions, creating a captivating first impression for visitors. This also made it easier for them to navigate the website and find products that they may have seen on social media. 

  1. Shorter buying process

The ‘Add to Cart’ and ‘Buy Now’ video features shortened the buying process and increased the chances of purchase. 

  1. Increased conversion with detailed product demos 

Philips used Whatmore to implement floating video carousels that showed detailed product demos and usage instructions. This clarified doubts a visitor may have and helped them make a buying decision.

  1. Turning Browsers into Buyers

Philips successfully used shoppable videos to convert passive website visitors into active buyers. By providing an immersive and interactive shopping experience, Philips was able to significantly increase customer engagement and drive sales.

The Result

By integrating Whatmore’s shoppable videos into their website, Philips achieved

  • 3x Increase in Conversion Rate

The conversion rate of shoppable videos was three times the average conversion rate for Philip’s website.

  • 20% Increase in AOV

Philips achieved a 20% increase in the average order value from video sessions 

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  • Adding the Whatmore component doesn't have any impact on the loading time of the website. As the videos are loaded on demand when the user clicks on the video. The videos are served the CDNs (Content Delivery Networks) which doesn't impact the website loading time.

  • Yes, definitely. Video shopping helps in increasing the user engagement and retention. We recommend you to start integrating shoppable videos as early as possible.

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  • Shoppable videos have conversion rate upto 10-15%.

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