All you need to know about Shoppable Videos

When it comes to shop, when one needs to see the products and how they appear on others, all you need to know about the shoppable videos.

All you need to know about Shoppable Videos
All you need to know about Shoppable Videos

Nowadays, video content is more engaging and compelling than any other form of content. Its consumption and wide range of scope help marketers and companies invent new ways to connect with their customers and sell their products. According to the Hubspot report 2022, report 2022, a survey states that more than 50% of users want to see more video content.

This has led to the introduction of an amazing concept called shoppable videos. It helps the marketers to enable customers to directly transfer the interested buyer to the checkout page, enabling them to skip multiple layers of the interested customer's process. 

This shipment eliminates time-consuming steps to search through a very lengthy process or check multiple companies to find their desired product. This article will help you know every detail regarding shoppable videos and the best plugins available for marketers to showcase their products. 

What are Shoppable videos?

Shoppable videos are target videos that enable the customer to get all the insight about the products shown and allow them to purchase that specific product from the video itself.

It discards the traditional process of putting the link in the description. It enables marketers to embed the link to products directly in the video so the shopper can easily proceed directly to the checkout page. 

Instead of forcing customers to skip video content to search for that particular product on the web, a simple click will raise a pop-up in the video, leading to buying that product. This helps to reduce shopper fatigue and enhances overall content viewing and marketing of shoppers. 

Advantages of using shoppable videos

In this fast-paced world, where technology is rapidly evolving. It helps brands create immense content experiences for their customers. It provides numerous advantages to shoppers and brands. Some of the most prominent ones are: 

Helps to improve your conversion rate

The most prominent advantage of using shoppable videos to promote products for brands is that it helps them improve their conversion rate. It is seen when the process of buying is streamlined using this, which leads to improved balance sheets for the brand. 

Reduces shopper fatigue and simplifies customer journey

As said earlier, in the traditional process, the shopper was required to put a link in the description, or the shopper had to search through the web, which caused a lot of fatigue inside the shopper.

Eventually, shoppers dropped the idea of buying. But with this, the shopper does not have to visit multiple links to reach their desired products. 

Shoppable videos
Shoppable videos

Create Brand loyalty and improve brand genuinely

When customers are catered to a better experience of streamlined video content from the brand, it helps to increase the customer database as well as the brand loyalty of the previous customer. 

Increase customer engagement

Proven stats show that video content helps to engage more customers than any other form of content. Shoppable video enhances content experience as well as engagement drastically. 

Keep up with the ongoing trend

Nowadays, every brand or marketer needs to stick to the ongoing trend as it helps shoppers experience new technology and products. 

Brands that are associated with shoppable video in 2024

Brands and marketers are constantly searching for platforms or plugins that provide the greatest service and streamline the buying experience for customers. Here is a list of the top video platforms that provide excellent services.


Introducing In addition, there is a pioneering shoppable video platform that changes the way businesses connect with their consumers.

Whatmore stands out as a game changer in a world where customers want frictionless, hassle-free purchasing experiences. Unlike traditional digital purchasing methods, which typically result in upper-funnel dropouts, Whatmore's shoppable videos keep users on their favorite social media networks.

Shoppable videos

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Amazon Live

Amazon Live is a specialty built to provide live selling functionality that caters to the two primary groups. One is selling partners, and the other is influencers. It offers an app for both groups known as Amazon Live Creator Apk that helps them showcase their product insight while live interacting with shoppers. 


With over $4B+ in total sales over the years, this streaming platform enables you to showcase your product in compelling virtual events. The main feature is that it allows influencers or brands to go live on all your social channels in one go.

It also intercepts the live-selling function of different social platforms such as TikTok, Instagram, and Facebook. 


Maestro offers influencers and brands interactive platforms to increase shopper engagement, as well as various video monetization tools to cater to the brand’s digital marketing.

One of the prominent features is that it enables Shopify integration, which helps in selling items directly from your Shopify stores to video streaming. 


Grip is one shoppable video streaming platform that takes zero fees for using all its tools. Instead, they take a 15% commission on each sale you make.

It has become a prominent Korean shopping app with over 5 million downloads on the Play Store. This app is built while taking care of the needs of smartphone users. 

These top 4 help the brand most effectively. However, numerous other apps or plugins are available in the market. Brands or influencers must prioritize their needs based on their customer needs and niches.

There is no doubt that shoppable video is the future of marketing, and if any brand has not availed itself of it yet, they need to do it right now to enjoy the benefits it brings to overall sales.

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