How do you make a shoppable video? All you need to grow your brand through shoppable videos?

If you have a brand, you need shippable videos to showcase products, and here we have shared how you can make shippable videos.

How do you make a shoppable video? All you need to grow your brand through shoppable videos?
How do you make a shoppable video all you need to grow your brand through shoppable videos?

In this highly competent world, every brand and influencer seeks new methods to engage their audience and sell their products. Every brand tries to present its products in a new and unique way that attracts most customers.

It is a generalized and statistically proven thing that video content is the best form of content available in the market to engage more customers. That’s why any modification or new technology that enables brands to create more engaging and compelling content is the most attractive for any brand's website or influencers. 

This is where shoppable videos come into play. They are a modification in the traditional content viewing things that smoothen the process of buying products directly from the content, enabling the brands to embed hyperlinks of the buying out page directly into the video.

This helps the shoppers to directly visit the checkout page without taking the burden of searching on the web and finding it.

Advantages of using shoppable videos 

Shoppable videos are creating a new-age modification to traditional videos. There are numerous advantages to using shoppable videos to advertise your products.

Increase in overall sales

It is a proven fact that Shoppable videos streamline the process of buying products embedded in the videos, leading to generating more revenue for the brands. Shoppable videos are making content look more quality-driven than traditional videos, enhancing overall sales.

Smoothes the process of buying

Shoppers have the most advantage as they don’t have to take a break from content-viewing. It smoothes the buying process and reduces the fatigue and stress they have to go through in the traditional process where they would have to find the products searching on the net. 

Increase in customer base

Shoppable videos allow brands to export quality content that helps to provide more descriptions of the product, create more engaging and compelling content, and eventually lead to an increase in customer base. It also helps the brands retain their existing customer base and increase their satisfaction base. 

Keep intact with the ongoing trend

It helps the brand keep itself updated with the newest modifications and ongoing trends, which appeals to the customer more. Customers want to see something new and unique in every content they visit. This modification will help them to keep intact with it. 

How to make your videos shoppable?

Looking at its numerous advantages, we will now elaborate on the steps that brands need to take to make a quality, shoppable video. 

Plan a compelling storyline for the video

  • Influencers, marketers, or brands need to plan their stories first.
  • Planning should be based on the product description, which they need to highlight, their target customer, budget, etc.
  • They should also include humor and comedy to make it look more interesting.
  • Long-format video platforms like YouTube help influence more people to like your product and help you increase sales.

Shoot the video

  • Content creators should shoot videos of the utmost quality, describing proper information with appropriate scripting. Shooting a quality video is an important aspect. Without it, no one can attract a customer in this highly competitive world where everyone is trying to provide the best content to their customer. 

Edit your shoppable video

  • Editing enables you to give a perfect shape to your shoppable videos.
  • It cuts unnecessary portions, shapes your video to showcase the product highlights easily, adds music or design, clears or edits your background, and much more.
  • All these help the marketer have perfect-quality video material and content. 
  • Various platforms like Whatmore help embed product checkout links of e-commerce platforms like Amazon and Flipkart directly to the website.
  • These websites also provide numerous tools that allow brands to create more compelling and interactive content. 

Post your shoppable video across different social platforms

  • Marketers, brands, or influencers need to post these videos separately on different social platforms or their websites, enabling the brands to showcase their products to their customers and the world.
  • Also, shoppable video service providers like websites enable the brands to post their videos on multiple social platforms in one go. 
  • Through these steps, you can make a quality-driven, shoppable video that helps cater to your customer base or increases your overall sales. 

Try Whatmore for your brand-shoppable videos

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