How Shoppable Video is Gaining More Traction in E-Commerce

Brands needs sales and sales needs showcases here how shippable video is gaining more traction in e-commerce

Krishna Krishna Mehta February 01, 2024

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Have you ever wondered how to directly proceed to the checkout page just by clicking playing video in one go? Market researchers and innovators addressed this problem much before and started to make this process smooth. Well, now it is possible with the help of shoppable videos.

Shoppable videos help websites, brands, or influencers showcase their products with ease and allow shoppers to proceed to the checkout page without any disruption in the video playing. 

Shoppable videos are a new-age technology that is helping brands to exponentially grow their market presence, and engagement with their audience base, making quality content with a lot of product-specific descriptions and whatnot. All these factors eventually show results in the brand’s overall sales enhancement.

Benefits of shoppable videos that help to boost e-commerce sales

It is a known fact that videos are mostly consumed by customers nowadays. It is one of the most entertaining formats than any other. Any modification or invention that makes it more streamlined or enhances the content quality will be appreciated by the consumer. Shoppable videos provide that luxury to the influencers and the brands by helping them increase their sales by offering numerous benefits. 

Immersive and interactive content

Shoppable videos modify video content in such a way that it makes content more appealing and interesting for shoppers. Also, proper descriptive content by brands and influencers is helping consumers to have more interactive and immersive content. 

Boost your sales

Using a shoppable video in the content smoothes the process of buying the product shown in the video using one click in the video. Previously, if a customer found any product interesting and wanted to buy it, they had to search it online.

This was a long-term process and increased shopper fatigue, which eventually led to a drop in buying ideas from the consumer. 

Enhances customer engagement 

Shoppable videos are helping influencers and brands showcase their products with ease and describe their product more efficiently. This helps to increase the engagement of brands with their influencers. 

How is Shoppable Video Gaining More Traction in E-Commerce?

Shoppable videos provide multiple advantages to the brands and e-commerce platforms to gain more traction. Here are a few of the most prominent advantages that lead to this factor. 

How is Shoppable Video Gaining More Traction in E-Commerce

Smooth integration with E-commerce platform 

Shoppable video enables brands and influencers to integrate smoothly with multiple e-commerce platforms, helping them expand their video to their fullest potential in one go. These videos help the brand to primarily benefit from the functionality and features of their e-commerce platform along with enabling customers to enjoy smooth and hassle-free experiences.

Speaking of Shoppable Videos Whatmore offers integrations across multiple eCommerce platforms and beyond

Whatmore Integrations supports mutliple eCommerce Platforms
Whatmore Integrations supports mutliple eCommerce Platforms

Simplified product discovery

Shoppable videos provide easy real-time discovery of additional information about the specific product. This shortens the decision-making process, enabling the customer to react more frequently and quickly to the buy button.  

Whatmore Shoppable Videos
Whatmore Shoppable Videos

Multiple social accounts integration

Shoppable videos are helping brands and influencers by enabling them to post quality content on multiple social media accounts to gain traction. In addition, it enables the brand to post that specific video on various e-commerce sites in their product description, helping the customer know more about the product. 

Mobile optimized

Most of the user base of the brands and influencers uses mobile phones to view content and buy products. So, it becomes essential for marketers to make sure their videos are mobile-friendly. Fortunately, shoppable videos are mobile-friendly, helping brands cater to their mobile audience easily. 

Numerous features are provided by the Shoppable video provider website

There are a lot of websites, such as Whatmore, that provide tools to make wonderful quality content to showcase their product to customers.

Additionally, most of the website helps the brand or influencer by providing other important features such as posting videos at one go on different social platforms, providing data illustrating sales of different periods, and much more.

These tools become much more handy in the long run if you want to know about the best shoppable video provider website.

These features are going to help brands and influencers gain more traction on their e-commerce sites and eventually lead to generating more sales. In recent times, shoppable videos have become that magic trick performed efficiently by the brands, helping to generate 2x returns with ease.

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