Top 10 shoppable video platforms available in 2024

Here is a list of the best shoppable video platforms that offer remarkable services. You should have a look

Top 10 shoppable video platforms available in 2024
Top 10 shoppable video platforms available in 2024

Brands and marketers are often looking for platforms or plugins that offer the best service to streamline the shopping experience for shoppers. Here is a list of the best shoppable video platforms that offer remarkable services. 


Whatmore Shoppable Video Platform
Whatmore Shoppable Video Platform

Introducing Additionally, a groundbreaking shoppable video platform that redefines how businesses interact with their customers. Whatmorе stands out as a game-changer in a world where consumers need seamless, hassle-free shopping experiences. Unlike conventional digital buying channels that frequently result in upper-funnel dropouts, Whatmorе's shoppable videos maintain viewers on their preferred social media networks.

Whatmorе ensures that companies keep their audiences engaged with the most recent information, maintain a consistent visual identity, and streamline operations with the integration of real-time product updates, a customizable video player, and seamless e-commerce platform integration. Whatmorе empowers businesses of all sizes to revolutionize their marketing strategies and elevate the online purchasing experience with its advanced analytics, interactive features, and affordable pricing, starting at just $79 per month at base price.

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Tolstoy Shoppable Videos

"Gotolstoy" refers to the shoppable video platform Tolstoy. It enables businesses to use video material for:

Drive sales: They build interactive video experiences in which viewers may click on products shown in the video to be taken directly to the buy page.

Increase brand engagement: By exhibiting their brand personality and founders through video, organizations may strengthen customer interactions.


GoSwirl Shoppable Videos

GoSwirl is a live video commerce platform that allows businesses to provide dynamic and engaging buying experiences to their customers via live streams.

GoSwirl aims to make e-commerce less dull and more human by bringing the in-person purchasing experience online. They believe that live video commerce enables firms to establish genuine client interactions while increasing sales conversions.


Firework Interactive Videos

Firework Create interactive video experiences in which viewers can purchase the products mentioned in the film.

Here's an overview of the concept:

Firework is a video commerce platform that helps businesses use video content to increase sales and engage customers.

Shoppable videos allow viewers to click on products within the video and be led to a purchasing page. This streamlines the purchasing experience and may enhance sales.

Quinn Shoppable Videos promises to bridge the gap between social media content and e-commerce, transforming engaging social media videos into strong sales tools within your Shopify store.


Videowise Shoppable Videos

An end-to-end video platform called Videowise was created especially for e-commerce companies to increase website conversion rates through the use of:

Videos that are interactive and shoppable: These let users click on products immediately within the film, expediting the shopping process and maybe boosting revenue.

Video quizzes: This interactive tool may captivate audiences, obtain insightful consumer data, and customize product suggestions.

Amazon Live

Amazon Live is a specialty built to provide live selling functionality that caters to the two primary groups. One is selling partners, and the other is influencers. It offers an app for both groups known as Amazon Live Creator Apk that helps both groups to showcase their product insight while live interacting with shoppers. 


With over $4B+ in total sales over the years, this streaming platform enables you to showcase your product in compelling virtual events. The main feature is that it allows influencers or brands to go live on all your social channels in one go. It also intercepts the live-selling function of various social platforms such as TikTok, Instagram, and Facebook. 


Maestro offers influencers and brands interactive platforms to increase shopper engagement, as well as various video monetization tools to cater to the brand’s digital marketing. One of the prominent features is that it enables Shopify integration, which helps in selling items directly from your Shopify stores to video streaming. 


Grip is one shoppable video streaming platform that takes zero fees for using all its tools. Instead, they take a 15% commission on each sale you make. It has become a prominent Korean shopping app with over 5 million downloads on the Play Store. This app is built while taking care of the needs of smartphone users. 

These top 4 help the brand most effectively. However, numerous other apps or plugins are available in the market. Brands or influencers must prioritize their needs based on their customer needs and niches.

There is no doubt that shoppable video is the future of marketing, and if any brand has not availed itself of it yet, it needs to do it right now to enjoy the benefits it brings to overall sales. 

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