Fashion Floor saw an increase in conversion rate by 33% after integrating with Whatmore

Fashion Floor saw an increase in conversion rate by 33% after integrating with Whatmore

Nestled in the vibrant world of Indian fashion, Fashion Floor emerges as a beacon for women aged 23-40 seeking a blend of traditional craftsmanship and contemporary design in their attire. Facing the formidable challenge of standing out in the densely competitive landscape of women's fashion in India, Fashion Floor needed a novel approach to connect with its audience and enhance its digital footprint.

Enter Whatmore, a game-changer with its shoppable videos technology poised to transform the e-commerce experience. By integrating Whatmore's innovative solutions, Fashion Floor aimed to not only captivate but also significantly increase engagement and conversion rates among its discerning clientele. This case study explores how Fashion Floor, leveraging Whatmore's cutting-edge platform, achieved a remarkable 33% boost in conversion rates, redefining success in the competitive realm of women's fashion.

Fashion Floor India's integration with Whatmore Shoppable Videos
Fashion Floor India's integration with Whatmore Shoppable Videos

About Fashion Floor India

Fashion Floor, with its rich tapestry of history, has steadfastly woven its name into the heart of Indian fashion by offering an exquisite array of dresses, Kurtas, and an assortment of clothing that marries traditional aesthetics with contemporary flair. Esteemed for its unyielding commitment to quality and innovation in design, Fashion Floor has carved a niche for itself among women aged 23-40. This demographic, characterized by their discerning taste in style and an active engagement with online shopping, seeks not just attire but a reflection of their personal identity and cultural heritage in what they wear. Fashion Floor has adeptly catered to this audience, ensuring each piece resonates with the vibrant life stories of its wearers, thus fostering a deep and enduring connection with its ideal customer base.

Challenges Before Whatmore

Fashion Floor, amidst the bustling arena of women's fashion, encountered a formidable challenge: enhancing the conversion rate in the face of intensifying competition. The brand had previously employed strategies like brand shoots in hopes of capturing the essence of their collections and engaging their customer base more effectively. However, these efforts, while visually compelling, fell short in converting interest into tangible sales. The limitation was not in the quality of content but in its ability to seamlessly guide potential buyers from fascination to purchase, a critical gap in customer engagement that needed bridging.

Implementation of Whatmore

The partnership with Whatmore introduced a revolutionary solution to Fashion Floor's predicament through the seamless integration of shoppable videos on their Shopify store. This integration was executed with meticulous care, ensuring no compromise on the website's page speed—a vital factor in retaining customer interest online. The primary goal was straightforward yet ambitious: to mark a significant uptick in the conversion rate. By leveraging Whatmore's innovative shoppable video content, Fashion Floor aimed to transform the way customers interacted with their products, making every video a potential gateway to increased sales.

Results After Integrating Whatmore

The collaboration between Fashion Floor and Whatmore has yielded exceptional results, most notably a remarkable 33% increase in conversion rates within a mere 30 days, highlighting the potent efficacy of shoppable video content in amplifying sales. This significant uplift in conversions has translated into an impressive ROI of 112 for Fashion Floor, clearly demonstrating the substantial return on investment that Whatmore's innovative solutions can generate. Additionally, this collaboration has greatly enhanced customer engagement, as evidenced by an average engagement rate spike to 3.51%. This increased engagement is indicative of a more interactive and immersive shopping experience, courtesy of Whatmore's shoppable videos. Such notable outcomes have not only garnered positive feedback from customers but also established a new performance benchmark for Fashion Floor, underscoring the transformative potential of leveraging advanced technology in e-commerce strategies.

Whatmore Shoppable Videos
Whatmore Shoppable Videos

Future Plans

Fashion Floor, buoyed by the success of integrating Whatmore's shoppable videos, is keenly exploring avenues for further collaboration and innovation. The brand envisions harnessing Whatmore's evolving technological capabilities to spearhead new campaigns and features aimed at amplifying customer engagement and driving conversions even higher. While specific future endeavors remain under wraps, the potential for leveraging AI-driven insights, personalized video recommendations, and enhanced interactive video elements holds promise for keeping Fashion Floor at the forefront of the e-commerce fashion sector.


This case study showcases the remarkable journey of Fashion Floor, from confronting challenges in a competitive market to achieving significant growth through Whatmore's innovative solutions. The integration of shoppable videos not only propelled conversion rates but also cultivated a more engaging and satisfying shopping experience for customers. Fashion Floor's story serves as a compelling testament to the transformative potential of Whatmore's technology for e-commerce brands, particularly within the fashion industry, urging them to consider Whatmore as a pivotal ally in navigating the digital marketplace.

E-commerce brands looking to replicate Fashion Floor's success and elevate their online presence are invited to discover the array of possibilities with Whatmore. For a closer look at how Whatmore can revolutionize your brand's digital strategy or to join the waitlist for exciting upcoming features, visit Whatmore's website or reach out for a personalized demo. Embrace the future of shopping with Whatmore—where innovation meets engagement.


  • Adding the Whatmore component doesn't have any impact on the loading time of the website. As the videos are loaded on demand when the user clicks on the video. The videos are served the CDNs (Content Delivery Networks) which doesn't impact the website loading time.

  • Yes, definitely. Video shopping helps in increasing the user engagement and retention. We recommend you to start integrating shoppable videos as early as possible.

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  • Shoppable videos have conversion rate upto 10-15%.

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