How to increase conversion rate on Shopify

If you have a Shopify store, then you must be curious about getting more conversions. Here is how to increase the conversion rate on Shopify.

Divya Divya Kandwal February 01, 2024

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Video content in today’s world has emerged as the best form of content to engage and interact with customers. It has become the brand or influencer’s true friend in building a solid relationship with their user base. As the world evolves and new technologies are invented to socialize or gather customer eyeballs, a new-age technology known as shoppable videos has arisen. 

Shoppable videos help influencers and brands create more engaging and compelling content by embedding direct links to the product inside the video. With its help, customers can proceed to the checkout page and buy that product efficiently within just one click from the video, irrespective of where any social media website they use.

This helps brands to generate more revenue and increase their overall sales. In this blog, we will illustrate the benefits of using shoppable video and how you can also help your brand generate more sales using this new-age technology. 

Pros of using Shoppable videos for your brand

Shoppable videos are helping brands and influencers by providing numerous benefits. Here is a list of some of them. 

Increase customer engagement of a brand

What Shoppable Videos solve for you
What Shoppable Videos solve for you

Shoppable videos provide a hassle-free shopping experience to shoppers, helping influencers and brands to get more response and engagement from the video. Resulting in increased sales and conversion rates, a drop in drop-off rates and abandoned carts.

Enhancement in overall sales of a brand

The streamlined process of a break-free shopping experience helps customers reduce the hassle that they have to go through while buying any specific product described in the video. 

Helps customers to buy the exact product of a brand

Earlier, when a shopper sees some product, they have to search it on the web separately. Most of the time, it was observed that customers couldn’t find that product specifically. This made customers either buy other products that resemble that product or leave the idea of shopping. 

Help brands to retain their User Base of a brand

Every brand tries to keep its user base intact. The most efficient trick that can be used is to provide the best quality content possible on the web. Shoppable videos help the brand to deliver that quality. In addition, these videos don’t break the seeing process, reducing shoppers' fatigue. 

Keep intact with the ongoing trend of a brand

Influencers and brands must adopt new trends and marketing techniques to attract new customers and keep engaging with the older user base. It helps to make your brand look more refreshing and fascinating.

How to increase your website conversion rate on Shopify?

Nowadays, each brand is doing whatever is possible to increase their sales or conversion rate on their website. Using shoppable technology is helping more brands cater to their sales needs, and if any brands have not opted to introduce this concept on their website, they are certainly missing out on a huge opportunity. 

Whatmore Shoppable Videos
Whatmore Shoppable Videos
  • Applications like Whatmore are helping brands in the best way possible by providing smooth and efficient shoppable video tools and features that help to create the best creative and engaging content over the web.
  • Any brand that wants to genuinely increase its revenue or reach out to its customers in the best way possible should opt for shoppable videos from Whatmore.
  • Whatmore allows brands to surface their product descriptions by incorporating PDP (Product detailed page) and video carousel pop-ups to enhance their engagement.
  • They also provide numerous other benefits, including detailed analysis reports, bulk video import from Instagram, and an easy and efficient integration process. If you are not on Shopify, there is no problem at all.
  • Whatmore smoothly integrates and supports other platforms such as WooCommerce, generating 50% more conversions using their services and any custom websites. 
  • As its name recalls, Whatmore resembles the concept that you’ll be offered enough facilities and tools that the brand will be overwhelmed with.

Due to this, they have over 250+ clients with big names such as Aachho, Suta, Etchcraft Emporium and more. Helping each brand generate 50% more conversion using their services is the best and most lucrative website that each brand and influencer should opt for.

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