How do shoppable videos help Suta increase its conversion rate?

Here is how Suta increased its sales from the shoppable videos with the help of the Whatmore plugin integration

Krishna Krishna Mehta February 27, 2024

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Learn how Suta is leveraging shoppable videos to launch new collections and products.

Suta (Su- Sujata and Ta- Taniya)
Suta - Whatmore Shoppable Videos

Problem Statement and Motivation

Suta is a leading sustainable fashion brand for women in India. Established in 2016, the company's commitment to eco-friendly fabrics and traditional handloom textiles has earned it a loyal following on Instagram, where it boasts high engagement rates on its reel content.

With the release of new products and collections, Suta creates video content to showcase its clothing in a unique and captivating way. However, it became apparent that this content needed to be presented on their online store as well to provide customers with a seamless, immersive, and interactive shopping experience.

In the colorful realm of e-commerce, where every click counts, and every interplay holds strength, converting website traffic into clients is like learning a difficult dance. It requires nuance, innovation, and deep expertise in customer behavior. 

Through its magic of inexpensive videos, Suta has defied the odds and exceeded its turnaround bill in the best 365 days. Embark on a journey through the tale of Suta's transformation and discover the secrets, techniques, and strategies behind their first-rate fulfilment.

The start of an concept

A brilliant revolutionary tale begins with a bright idea. For Suta, it all started with a simple but profound question: How can we make shopping more enjoyable for our customers? The expensive movie experience turned into childbirth as a result, as the daughter team explored unconventional paths. While the yarn community, armed with will and creativity, sought unconventional paths.

Visual storytelling

In a world filled with bland images and lousy product descriptions, we greeted low-budget videos with a breath of fresh air. They have provided a dynamic platform on which records meet workflows with ease. While they are not weaving engaging evidence around their products, they have forged an emotional connection again rather than revealing their weakest potential too quickly. Suta understood the power of visual storytelling and the creativity of his target audience.

Technology to break down barriers

Turning a vision into reality often calls for contemporary technological improvements. Suta recognized this and embraced cutting-edge infrastructure to maximize the enchantment of shoppable video. Through interactive and immersive AR/VR capabilities, passive visitors have been transformed into active individuals. With only a faucet or swipe, clients can explore products across more than one factor, try them on in person, and make an instantaneous purchase.

Building Community Through Collaboration

Suta’s success is rooted in her deep commitment to building meaningful relationships with customers. Unlike traditional advertising, which often feels impersonal and isolating, the videos provide a platform for realism. Suta collaborated with influencers, brands, and loyal customers to create compelling content that resonated with her audience. The website's emotional content reinforced brand loyalty and drove organic growth through word-of-mouth advertising.

Data-driven insights and iterations

In the dynamic global of e-trade, flexibility is essential to staying ahead of the curve. Suta understood this recommendation and followed a push-for-word technique to alternate. Valuable insights into patron behavior were supplied by using carefully analyzing consumer interactions, purchases, and engagement styles. With this expertise, they constantly optimize their shoppable videos, optimizing each detail to maximize conversion storytelling.

Achieving new heights

What started out as a pilot undertaking it has rapidly turned out to be an essential part of their e-agency approach. After its achievement, the business enterprise targeted Milestones. With an unwavering dedication to innovation, they have driven obstacles and redefined the possibilities of e-commerce.

The next frontier of e-commerce

With the ever-converting e-commerce panorama, Suta's journey is a testament to innovation's transformative energy. By making videos shoppable, the organization will increase the delight of buying and foster a deeper bond with the goal market. The sunrise of ultra-modern technology in online change is plain as manufacturers focus on their growth.

The net, creativity, and technology are all coming collectively to redefine commerce's future. In this courageous news world, Suta leads the way with one shoppable video at a time.

Whatmore Integration

Suta began their journey with Whatmore by incorporating video carousels and PDP (Product Display Page) video pop-ups to engage users. They later added shoppable stories to their homepage, allowing for seamless integration between their Instagram content and website. With Whatmore's easy import feature from Instagram, Suta is able to quickly import their latest reels and tag products for publishing on their website without any hassle.

Moreover, Suta is utilizing stories to share details about upcoming exhibitions around the country, accompanied by relevant images. This feature further strengthens their connection with their customers and provides them with a comprehensive understanding of their products and events.


The integration of Whatmore's shoppable videos had a significant impact on Suta's online sales and customer engagement. The videos provided a more immersive and interactive shopping experience for customers, leading to a significant increase in conversion rates.

If you're an e-commerce store interested in integrating shoppable videos, check out Whatmore.

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